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Cledas10 September 17, 2022
"I love this place takes real good care of you. My only problem is the zero turns springs broken on me a couple of times. Which is nothing dealing with there business. They always looked out for me. Just want them to stay on top of the dealers about their products.. Overall I will continue to do business with them.. Always go over a beyond to satisfy there customers."
Randy Freeland May 25, 2019
"The best repair man I have ever been to."
Kathy Riggs December 25, 2018
"Closed today"
Roger Eubanks October 21, 2018
"Very good, excellent person. Good company."
Phyllis Thomas July 14, 2018
"This is the kind of service one hopes for, knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy....didn't mind answering at questions...will definately visit again when in need of repair or new mower etc."
RICKY BARNHART June 14, 2018
"Great shop he has all you need to cut grass or wood"