5 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Arborists

Working as an arborist is easy and satisfying when you have the right tools. From the cutting tools to arborist climbing materials, you will be at peace and safe when fully equipped with the necessary equipment.

However, finding the essential pieces of equipment may be overwhelming due to the vast array of tools in the market. Here is a beginner’s guide on five essential items every arborist should have. Read on to know what you could be missing and how it can help you in tree climbing.

1. Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a must-have tool for cutting down trees. You can use it to cut down standing trees, fallen trees, prune, buck, and much more.

Chainsaws come in multiple types, with the main options being electric, gas-powered, battery-powered, and manual. Electric chainsaws are the most common; they have a quiet operation and are efficient when cutting many small trees quickly.

Battery chainsaws are convenient but costly, while manual chainsaws are cheap but tiresome to use. Review the available chainsaw options and choose the most efficient for your arborist needs.

2. Rope

A rope is another important tool that improves an arborist’s safety. The rope is designed to help you ascend and descend a tree safely, even when you are holding a chainsaw.

Arborists’ ropes come in varying strength, thickness, weight limit, and length. Inspect the rope when buying and ensure it’s strong to support your weight.

3. Carabiners and Snap Hooks

You may need plenty of carabiners and snap hooks to climb different trees. The role of these two items is to keep you safely attached when climbing a tree.

Buying many varying carabiners and snap hooks is advisable because you will work on trees of different widths. The more items you have, the easier it will be for you to change your carabiners or snap hooks without going to the shop.

4. Lanyards

A rope lanyard is another essential tool for improving your safety as an arborist. The lanyard holds you when you climb short distances in trees. It also acts as a dual support system for your body when you cut a tree.

The ideal rope lanyard should be two-way to allow ascending and descending. Also, you may consider buying a lanyard with a different color than the regular rope to avoid confusion when you are on top of a tree.

5. Climbing Straps and Pads

Climbing straps comfortably hold and support your body when climbing trees. Pads are designed to increase your comfort and safety, and they are sweatproof. You can easily find climbing straps and pads being sold together, and you can get several of them.

Improve Your Arborist Safety With the Right Equipment

The above are a few vital tools every passionate arborist should have. The tools facilitate tree-cutting and offer maximum support to improve your safety.

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