Why is RedMax equipment some of the Best on the Market

RedMax lawn equipment is one of the leading brands of lawn equipment used by landscapers all over the world. Their company origins date back to 1910 in Japan. They’ve been in the stainless steel lawn equipment industry since the 1970s and have worked tirelessly to produce more durable, reliable, and eco-friendly types of lawn equipment since.

Let’s talk about the RedMax lawn equipment benefits and how they can help you maintain your home and look its best. We will also talk about how RedMax lawn care and landscaping equipment is the superior choice for your landscaping business and needs.

RedMax Offers Superior Engine Technology

One of the most important aspects of any type of lawn equipment is having a solid engine. If the engine isn’t built to the highest standards for performance, safety, and durability, it is unlikely to withstand the constant use and rigors of home use or especially more frequent daily use if it is used for a landscaping business.

RedMax products differ from other brands because of the technology the company has developed and used over many years of being in business. One of RedMax’s main features is its environmentally-friendly products. In 1998, RedMax came out with their Strato-Charged engine technology. This has resulted in a more efficient, quieter 2-stroke engine that puts out lower emissions. This is a benefit not only to the person operating the equipment but to our planet as well.

Reliability Guaranteed

RedMax stands behind its equipment with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended by one year or two, with the purchase of RedMax brand 2-stroke oil or their pre-mixed fuel. This is valid when the products are purchased at the time the equipment is purchased. RedMax’s generous two to four-year guarantees of their equipment are some of the best in the industry.

Solid Steel Advantages

When discussing lawn maintenance equipment, the materials they are made from is an important factor. Durability is one of the most appealing aspects of any RedMax product. Their lines of trimmers, brush cutters, and edgers have parts made of durable, solid steel. Their solid steel drive shafts are built to do the job and to last.

The Maxtreme multi-tool system features solid steel construction in its five different attachments. The solid drive shaft guarantees that more power from the engine is applied to its cutting head, which will make your job easier and more time-efficient.

Trust the Company With the Experience, Technology, and Top Shelf Materials

When you purchase RedMax lawn and landscaping products, you can rest assured that you own a durable, quality product with one of the best guarantees in the industry. The engine technology and superior materials it’s built from will keep you moving along at an efficient pace so the job gets done quicker and easier. Check out RedMax’s product line today.