How Do I Winterize My Lawn Mower For Storage?

If you are planning on storing your lawn mower for the winter, there are some things that you will need to do in order to keep it in good working condition and ready for use next year.  

Start With A Thorough Cleaning 

During the mowing season, grass clippings will often build up in clumps on the underside of your lawn mower deck. This can cause rust. So, it is essential to remove any grass residue from the deck of your lawn mower before storing it away for the winter. 

You can use a brush or pressure washer to remove the clumps of grass from your lawn mower deck before you store it for the winter. This is also a great opportunity to give the engine, cooling fins and exhaust area of your lawn mower a good clean, as these parts will be especially vulnerable in the cold weather. 

Change The Oil 

Old oil contains gasoline, moisture, soot, and acids that can corrode internal engine components over the winter. This is why it is recommended to change the oil of your lawn mower before storing it for the winter. This will not only help to protect your lawn mower during the winter, but it will also ensure that you are using the best oils possible for optimal performance during the mowing season. 

Drain The Fuel 

As we’ve mentioned before, if you plan on storing your lawn mower for a long period of time it is vital to drain the fuel from the tank in order to prevent sludge and water build up that can damage your machine. Alternatively, you can add a chemical fuel stabilizer, which will also help to prevent any problems from occurring over the winter. 

Disconnect The Battery 

If you have a cordless lawn mower, this is probably one of the most important things that you will need to do before putting your lawn mower in storage for the winter. This is because the battery can easily become damaged if it is left for the entire winter. When you have removed the battery from your lawn mower, you will want to place it in a dry, cool area. You can also cover it with a tarp to further protect your battery from the elements. 

Replace The Spark Plug 

You should replace the spark plug on your lawn mower at least once every 100 hours of use, as this can increase the performance of your mower. It will also help to reduce the risk of your mower having an electrical problem in the spring when you are ready to start it up again. 

Check The Wires For Damage 

Before storing your lawn mower for the winter, make sure to check that all the wires are in good condition. This includes the battery, the spark plug, and any power cables. If there are any cracks or splits in the wires, they should be replaced as soon as possible. 

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