What Are The Top Chainsaw Maintenance Tips?

Sharpen Your Chain Every Three To Six Months

A properly sharpened chain will feed itself into a cut when only a little pressure is applied. A dull chain will not do this and can result in a lot of work to get the job done. 

Having your chain sharpened often will keep it performing at its best and will also help to prevent any damage to the teeth of the chain. You should sharpen your chain with a file every three to six months, using the same number of strokes for each tooth. 

Check The Oil Level 

All chains require an adequate amount of oil to run properly. This helps to prevent friction between the guide bar and chain, which will lead to a reduced cutting speed, and can cause a chainsaw to overheat. As a bonus tip, before storing your chainsaw for a long period of time, always fill it with fresh fuel. This will stop the fuel from breaking down and causing your chainsaw to have trouble starting. 

Make Sure Your Chainsaw Has A Good Air Filter 

The air filter in your chainsaw is designed to trap dirt and debris from the air as it passes through, so it’s important to make sure that it remains clean and free of contaminants. If it’s dirty or damaged, you should replace it with a new one as soon as possible. 

Adjust Your Chain If It’s Too Tight 

A tightened chain can bind and stall the saw, making it more difficult to work with. Alternatively, it can overheat and cause damage to the bar and chain, which isn’t something you want. 

Flip Your Guide Bar Over Periodically 

If your chainsaw’s guide bar has been subject to wear and tear throughout the season, it may be time to take it apart and flip it over. This will even out the wear and make it last longer before replacement. 

Wash Your Bar And Chain 

The bar and chain on your chainsaw are very delicate parts that need to be cleaned regularly. A mixture of ammonia and water is an effective cleaning solution for this purpose. 

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